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PT Prima Jaya Eratama is one of Indonesia’s leading flexible packaging manufacturer. The company produces flexible packaging materials that cater to a comprehensive range of applications, both in the food and non food areas, like wrappers for noodles, seasonings, oils, snacks, candy, biscuits, coffee, detergents, tissiue, etc.

Established in 1994 to produce Poly Bags and Shopping Bags, since 1998 Prima Jaya Eratama entered flexible packaging industry, now operates and staffed by over 500 expert employees producing custom printing and design. We have two plant locate in Kosambi Barat – Tangerang, and have advanced and improved to meet challenges of the domestic and internationals customers’ requirements by providing complete plastic packaging solutions.

Our goal is to get our customers’ products to market faster with our ability to assist them with full production, specialty short runs, and product testing to obtain the results that they desire.


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Blowing Machines:
Total of 11 lines of blowing
machines with production
capacity up to 62 tons/day

Cutting machines:
Available for the following
• Stand up pouch
• Mid sealed bag
• Shopping bag with
• patch or soft handle
• Vest type shopping bag
• Soft pack tissue
• Self adhesive (seal tape) an stationery bag

Lamination Process:
• 9 sets of lamination machines to meet all your different requirements
• Available in dry lamination solvent base, non solvent water base

Printing Machines:
•2 Flexographi c printing C omexi machines
• 5 Rotogravure machines
• Available with different
varieties of inks (Eco friendly)
• Cost effective for different kind of printing jobs

QA and QC:

Inhouse lab to measure quality (bonding strength, colors, pressure meter, etc) of our product before shipment

Slitting machines:
• 15 sets of high tech slitting machines
• Our slitting machines are all auto spliced slitters which will shorten the production time


We strive to be a leading plastic packaging manufacturing company by giving full customer access to superior products, including the complete process consultancy.



Provide the most reliable solution for every packaging requirements, flexibility on supply and stretching specification, constantly exceed every customer’s expectations with high quality products with full accuracy and on time delivery.

Sustainable effort

The impact of the packaging industry on the environment is dangerous enough to destroy our planet, that’s why PT. Primajaya Eratama packaging team is very concern in developing a future-forward-thinking business with continuous audits within every processes, seeking refinements in the areas of facilities management, source reduction, recycling and conservation in order to promote a sustainable future for the business and for our earth.

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