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PT Prima Jaya Eratama is one of Indonesia's leading flexible packaging manufacturer. The company produces flexible packaging materials that cater to a comprehensive range of applications, both in the food and non food areas, like wrappers for noodles, seasonings, oils, snacks, candy, biscuits, coffee, detergents, tissiue, etc

Established in 1994 to produce Poly Bags and Shopping Bags, since 1998 Prima Jaya Eratama entered flexible packaging industry, now operates and staffed by over 500 expert employees producing custom printing and design. We have two plant locate in Kosambi Barat - Tangerang.

Over the years, our customer portfolio has expanded and includes some of the world's largest multinationals, both within Indonesia and outside Indonesia to whom we supply products that meet their most stringent quality requirements, consistently.

PT. Prima Jaya Eratama provides differentiated high quality products and services to suit the customers needs and add value to their products. Adaptable and innovative, our mission to satisfy the current and evolving packaging requirements of our customers.



In our plants state of the art and comprehensive range of machinery ensure that the latest products are developed and made available to our customers. We have the capability to print up to eight colors at high speeds using world-class presses; laminate in various ways (extrusion-both single and tandem, dry and solvent-less); make cast film and three layer co extruded blown film; metalize film; slit to precise tolerances, and make bags of various types.

Our production capabilities are being continously upgraded through judicious investment in the latest machines which places us on the leading edge of technology and ensures quantum increases in capacity to meet the growing needs of our customers. In addition to the machinery, know how and well-trained people, we have an excellent quality control laboratory, equipped with instruments for measurement of water vapor, oxygen transmission, all the mechanical properties of films, gas chromatograph, and micro section analysis, which ensures defect-free products to our customers. New processes are constantly being imbibed by PT. Prima Jaya Eratama. Since our customer portfolio consists of quality conscious multinationals, our product development team is constantly being challenged to rise to the occasion with new products. We are proud that we have lived up to these challenges and commercialezed many new products that are firsts in the Indonesian market. And we have started to export a few of these products successfully.



Our people are being constantly trained on new processes and materials through programs within the organization and through other formal training opportunities. Many of our key staff have had training abroad at the facilities of the machinery manufacturers and raw material suppliers. With many years of experience in their respective fields, they have developed considerable expertise specific to their jobs.

All the various departments of our company recognize that we have to be customer oriented. Starting from our salesmen, we treat customers not just as accounts, but as partners. We promote a quality education system and that makes quality a part of our culture. We facilitate quality improvement through work groups involving employees at all levels, which makes quality employee-driven from within.


We train our people to provide comprehensive services from start to finish under one roof, from the creation of the design concept to the delivery of the final product, whether in roll or bag form. Our design development team and technical services team can advise customers from product design to usage of film on the machine, help solve problems if any, fine tune machineability to get the best productivity, and lowest wastage. We can also suggest material combinations and alternatives to be


Starting with technical collaboration in the late eighties with a Japanese converter, today we have the technology to meet local and international conditions and needs. Our excellent relationship with our suppliers worldwide provides us with an ideal window to the rapidly changing fields of materials and technology, which we innovate upon to achieve a competitive edge.

Our high performance equipment with our knowledge and experience over the years in the field and our innovative spirit ensures that we can provide practical, effective and satisfactory solutions to all packaging needs.


We believe that our technology, our service-oriented operations and well-trained people go a long way in achieving customer satisfaction. our aim is not to be just another supplier for you, but a partner.

We offer value, by offering solutions, taking into consideration the shelf life required for the product, the operating environment, the aesthetics and of course the cost.

Discuss your packaging needs with our account service staff and listen to the solutions they create.

We have what it takes!.